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HiQPdf Client for .NET Core

With HiQPdf library you can extract the text from PDF documents to a .NET SystemString object using the HiQPdfClientPdfTextExtract class. You can set the text extraction mode with PdfTextExtractTextExtractMode property and choose to keep the original positioning of the text in the PDF document or you can choose to extract the text in a layout more suitable for reading.

Extract Text from PDF Demo

In this demo you can learn how to extract the text from a PDF document. You can choose the text extraction mode and the range of PDF pages from where to extract the text.

Demo Source Code

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
using Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc;
using Microsoft.AspNetCore.Http;
using Microsoft.AspNetCore.Hosting;

using System.Text;

using HiQPdfClient;

namespace HiQPdf_Demo.Controllers
    public class ExtractTextFromPdfController : Controller
        IFormCollection m_formCollection;
        IWebHostEnvironment m_hostingEnvironment;
        public ExtractTextFromPdfController(IWebHostEnvironment hostingEnvironment)
            m_hostingEnvironment = hostingEnvironment;

        // GET: ExtractTextFromPdf
        public ActionResult Index()

            return View();

        public ActionResult ExtractText(IFormCollection collection)
            m_formCollection = collection;

            string serverIP = collection["textBoxServerIP"];
            uint serverPort = uint.Parse(collection["textBoxServerPort"]);
            string serverPassword = collection["textBoxServerPassword"];

            // get the PDF file
            string pdfFile = m_hostingEnvironment.WebRootPath + "/DemoFiles/Pdf/InputPdf.pdf";

            // create the PDF text extractor
            PdfTextExtract pdfTextExtract = new PdfTextExtract(serverIP, serverPort);

            // use server password if necessary
            if (serverPassword.Length > 0)
                pdfTextExtract.ServerPassword = serverPassword;

            // set a demo serial number
            pdfTextExtract.SerialNumber = "YCgJMTAE-BiwJAhIB-EhlWTlBA-UEBRQFBA-U1FOUVJO-WVlZWQ==";

            // set the text extraction mode
            pdfTextExtract.TextExtractMode = GetTextExtractMode();

            int fromPdfPageNumber = int.Parse(collection["textBoxFromPage"]);
            int toPdfPageNumber = collection["textBoxToPage"][0].Length > 0 ? int.Parse(collection["textBoxToPage"]) : 0;

            // extract the text from a range of pages of the PDF document
            string text = pdfTextExtract.ExtractText(pdfFile, fromPdfPageNumber, toPdfPageNumber);

            // get UTF-8 bytes
            byte[] utf8Bytes = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(text);

            // the UTF-8 marker
            byte[] utf8Marker = new byte[] { 0xEF, 0xBB, 0xBF };

            // the text document bytes with UTF-8 marker followed by UTF-8 bytes
            byte[] bytes = new byte[utf8Bytes.Length + utf8Marker.Length];
            Array.Copy(utf8Marker, 0, bytes, 0, utf8Marker.Length);
            Array.Copy(utf8Bytes, 0, bytes, utf8Marker.Length, utf8Bytes.Length);

            FileResult fileResult = new FileContentResult(bytes, "text/plain; charset=UTF-8");
            fileResult.FileDownloadName = "ExtractedText.txt";

            return fileResult;

        private PdfTextExtractMode GetTextExtractMode()
            switch (m_formCollection["dropDownListExtractMode"])
                case "Keep Positioning":
                    return PdfTextExtractMode.KeepPositioning;
                case "Keep Reading Order":
                    return PdfTextExtractMode.KeepReadingOrder;
                    return PdfTextExtractMode.KeepPositioning;

        private void SetCrtPageUri()
            HttpRequest httpRequest = this.ControllerContext.HttpContext.Request;
            UriBuilder uriBuilder = new UriBuilder();
            uriBuilder.Scheme = httpRequest.Scheme;
            uriBuilder.Host = httpRequest.Host.Host;
            if (httpRequest.Host.Port != null)
                uriBuilder.Port = (int)httpRequest.Host.Port;
            uriBuilder.Path = httpRequest.PathBase.ToString() + httpRequest.Path.ToString();
            uriBuilder.Query = httpRequest.QueryString.ToString();

            ViewData["CrtPageUri"] = uriBuilder.Uri.AbsoluteUri;
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