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HiQPdf Client for .NET Core

The HiQPdf HTML to PDF converter has a unique feature which allows you to convert only a selected HTML element from the HTML document. The selected element can be for example a TABLE element or a DIV element containing other HTML elements.

This feature is useful when you want to convert only a part of the HTML document. For example, a web page usually has a header with menu and logo and a footer with contact information and copyright notice besides the main HTML content you want to convert to PDF. In order to convert only the main content of the document you can place the main content in a block element like a DIV or a TABLE and configure the converter to convert only that block element.

The HTML element to be converted is selected by the ConvertedHtmlElementSelector property. This property can be set with a value representing the CSS selector of the HTML element to be converted. For example, the #MyHtmlElement CSS selector will select the HTML element having the 'MyHtmlElement' ID from document and the the *[class="ConvertibleElementStyle"] CSS selector will select only the HTML element having the 'ConvertibleElementStyle' CSS class. If many elements in the HTML document are selected by a CSS selector, only the the first one will be converted. The values of the attributes in the CSS selectors are case sensitive. If this property is not set then the whole HTML document is converted.


// create the HTML to PDF converter
HtmlToPdf htmlToPdfConverter = new HtmlToPdf(serverIP, serverPort);

// convert only the HTML element having the MyHtmlElement ID 
htmlToPdfConverter.ConvertedHtmlElementSelector = "#MyHtmlElement";
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