HiQPdf Documentation


Quickly Create High Quality PDFs

HiQPdf is a software component for .NET and therefore it requires to have at least .NET 2.0 framework installed on a Windows machine.

Operating System Requirements

The component is compatible with all Windows versions starting with Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. The NG version is compatible with Windows 7 and later.

The recommended operating systems are Windows 7 or later for development and Windows Server 2008 or later for deployment

Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows are supported. Because the PDF documents are created or loaded in memory, the internal memory consumption can go quite high. The .NET runtime allows only about 1GB of the process address space to be used by application in a 32-bit processes. Sometime this limit can be exceeded and a 64-bit version of Windows is recommended in general to avoid this kind of issues. It is also recommended a machine with 4GB of RAM when creating very large PDF documents.

.NET Framework Requirements

The software can be used in .NET applications targeting .NET 2.0, .NET 3.0, .NET 3.5, .NET 4.0, .NET 4.5 and later frameworks.

There are two distinct builds of the software distributed in the package: a build for .NET 2.0 runtime and a build for .NET 4.0 runtime. The build for .NET 2.0 can be used in a .NET application targeting .NET 2.0 or a later version of the .NET framework. The build for .NET 4.0 can be used in a .NET application targeting .NET 4.0 or a later version of the .NET framework.

The recommended build is the one for .NET 4.0 runtime because in this case the software can take advantage of the latest improvements in the .NET virtual machine. Also, when using the build for .NET 2.0 in a .NET 4.0 or .NET 4.5 application, both versions of the virtual machine are loaded in process which leads to a penalty in memory usage and performance.

ASP.NET Requirements

When using HiQPdf software in an ASP.NET application, the application must run in Full Trust mode. This is the default trust level in IIS but it can be set to a lower level like Medium Trust in the shared servers from some of the hosting providers.