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ConversionTriggerMode Enumeration

HiQPdf Client for .NET Core
The possible options for triggering the conversion after the page was loaded in converter

Namespace:  HiQPdfClient
Assembly:  HiQPdfClient.NetCore (in HiQPdfClient.NetCore.dll) Version: 15.0.0

public enum ConversionTriggerMode

  Member nameValueDescription
Auto0 The conversion is automatically started immediately after the page was loaded in converter. This is the default option
WaitTime1 The converter will wait a constant additional time given by the WaitBeforeConvert property of the HtmlToPdf class before starting the conversion to allow more time to JavaScript to update the web page
Manual2 The conversion will be triggered manually by a call from JavaScript to hiqPdfConverter.startConversion() method available in web page after the page was loaded in converter
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