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HtmlConversionInfo Class

HiQPdf Client for .NET Core
An object of this class is created after a HTML conversion and contains information about the converted HTML document, about the HTML elements in the HTML document and about the regions rendered in a PDF document
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Namespace:  HiQPdfClient
Assembly:  HiQPdfClient.NetCore (in HiQPdfClient.NetCore.dll) Version: 15.0.0

public class HtmlConversionInfo

The HtmlConversionInfo type exposes the following members.


Public propertyHtmlHeader
The HTML document header containing the title, keywords and description of the HTML document
Public propertyPdfRegions
The regions in PDF rendered by a HTML to PDF conversion. For each PDF page rendered there is PdfPageRegion object in the array returned by this property
Public propertySelectedHtmlElementsInfo
Returns a collection of HtmlElementInfo objects containing one object for each HTML element selected by the SelectedHtmlElements property property of the HtmlToPdf class. A HtmlElementInfo object offers detailed information about a HTML element like its position in the generated PDF document, the HTML id, the tag name, the HTML code of the element, etc.

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