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PdfFormField Class

HiQPdf Client for .NET Core
A field in a PDF document form
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Namespace:  HiQPdfClient
Assembly:  HiQPdfClient.NetCore (in HiQPdfClient.NetCore.dll) Version: 15.0.0

public class PdfFormField

The PdfFormField type exposes the following members.


Public methodPdfFormField
Initializes a new instance of the PdfFormField class

Public propertyAction
The action to be performed when the field is activated, for example when a button field is clicked
Public propertyBoundingRectangle
The field bounding rectangle in PDF page. The rectangle dimensions are expressed in points
Public propertyDefaultValue
The default value of the field to which the field reverts when a reset form action is executed
Public propertyExport
Indicates if field is exported by a submit form action. This property is true by default
Public propertyFlatten
Indicates if the field is flattened in the generated PDF document
Public propertyName
The field name
Public propertyParentForm
The parent form
Public propertyReadOnly
Indicates if the field is read only. This property is false by default
Public propertyRequired
Indicates if the field should have a value at the time it is exported by a submit form action. This property is false by default
Public propertyStyle
Gets or sets the PDF form field style
Public propertyToolTip
The field tooltip

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