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HiQPdf software is delivered as a ZIP archive and the installation basically consists in extracting the ZIP archive to a folder. The fact that there is no executable installer to run ensures that no unwanted files are copied on your computer and no changes are done to your computer configuration.

Note Note

After the content of the archive was extracted in a folder using Windows Explorer, you should check that the extracted files, especially those of .dll, .dep, .rda or .chm type, were not blocked by Windows. Right click on the file in Windows Explorer and select Properties. If you see the Unblock button in file properties then press that button to unblock the file.

HiQPdf Package Contents

The HiQPdf package contains the following folders and files:

  • HiQPdf.dll - is the assembly for .NET 4.0 and later to be referenced by your project. It defines the HiQPdf namespace.

  • HiQPdf.xml - contains the inline help displayed by the Visual Studio

  • HiQPdf.dep - a resource file required by HiQPdf.dll

  • HiQPdf.rda - a resource file required by HiQPdf.dll

  • Samples Folder - contains demo applications with complete source code for ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.NET MVC and Windows Forms. The Visual Studio projects are targeting the .NET 4.0 framework. The folder also includes a demo Azure Cloud Service project and instructions about transforming an existing ASP.NET application into the Web Role of an Azure Cloud Service

  • Documentation.chm - contains the library documentation with detailed explanations, samples and the complete API reference

  • Demo.exe - the demo application for Windows Forms. The complete source code of this application can be found in the Samples folder. The DemoFiles folder contains the input files used by the demo and the DemoOut folder will contain the demo output files

  • Notes.txt - contains important notes about the HiQPdf software installation and usage

  • License.txt - contains the HiQPdf Software End User License Agreement

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