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In this demo you can convert an URL a custom HTML code to PDF. You can control the PDF page size and orientation, PDF page margins, browser width, add header and footer with page numbering, embed true type fonts in the generated PDF document.

As a security option it is possible to set a password requested when the created PDF document document is opened and it is possible to disable the document printing when it is opened in a viewer.
Server Settings
IP: Port: Password:
PDF Settings
Page Size: Page Orientation:
Browser Settings
Browser Width: px Browser Height: px Timeout: sec
Triggering Mode:
Wait Time: sec
Set Open Password:
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C# Code
using System;
using System.Data;
using System.Configuration;
using System.Collections;
using System.Web;
using System.Web.Security;
using System.Web.UI;
using System.Web.UI.WebControls;
using System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebParts;
using System.Web.UI.HtmlControls;

using HiQPdfClient;

namespace HiQPdf_Demo
    public partial class ConvertHtmlToPdf : System.Web.UI.Page
        protected void buttonConvertToPdf_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
            string serverIP = textBoxServerIP.Text;
            uint serverPort = uint.Parse(textBoxServerPort.Text);
            string serverPassword = textBoxServerPassword.Text;

            // create the HTML to PDF converter
            HtmlToPdf htmlToPdfConverter = new HtmlToPdf(serverIP, serverPort);

            // use server password if necessary
            if (serverPassword.Length > 0)
                htmlToPdfConverter.ServerPassword = serverPassword;

            // set a demo serial number
            htmlToPdfConverter.SerialNumber = "YCgJMTAE-BiwJAhIB-EhlWTlBA-UEBRQFBA-U1FOUVJO-WVlZWQ==";

            // set browser width
            htmlToPdfConverter.BrowserWidth = int.Parse(textBoxBrowserWidth.Text);

            // set browser height if specified, otherwise use the default
            if (textBoxBrowserHeight.Text.Length > 0)
                htmlToPdfConverter.BrowserHeight = int.Parse(textBoxBrowserHeight.Text);

            // set HTML Load timeout
            htmlToPdfConverter.HtmlLoadedTimeout = int.Parse(textBoxLoadHtmlTimeout.Text);

            // set PDF page size and orientation
            htmlToPdfConverter.Document.PageSize = GetSelectedPageSize();
            htmlToPdfConverter.Document.PageOrientation = GetSelectedPageOrientation();

            // set the PDF standard used by the document
            htmlToPdfConverter.Document.PdfStandard = checkBoxPdfA.Checked ? PdfStandard.PdfA : PdfStandard.Pdf;

            // set PDF page margins
            htmlToPdfConverter.Document.Margins = new PdfMargins(5);

            // set whether to embed the true type font in PDF
            htmlToPdfConverter.Document.FontEmbedding = checkBoxFontEmbedding.Checked;

            // set triggering mode; for WaitTime mode set the wait time before convert
            switch (dropDownListTriggeringMode.SelectedValue)
                case "Auto":
                    htmlToPdfConverter.TriggerMode = ConversionTriggerMode.Auto;
                case "WaitTime":
                    htmlToPdfConverter.TriggerMode = ConversionTriggerMode.WaitTime;
                    htmlToPdfConverter.WaitBeforeConvert = int.Parse(textBoxWaitTime.Text);
                case "Manual":
                    htmlToPdfConverter.TriggerMode = ConversionTriggerMode.Manual;
                    htmlToPdfConverter.TriggerMode = ConversionTriggerMode.Auto;

            // set header and footer

            // set the document security
            htmlToPdfConverter.Document.Security.OpenPassword = textBoxOpenPassword.Text;
            htmlToPdfConverter.Document.Security.AllowPrinting = checkBoxAllowPrinting.Checked;

            // set the permissions password too if an open password was set
            if (htmlToPdfConverter.Document.Security.OpenPassword != null && htmlToPdfConverter.Document.Security.OpenPassword != String.Empty)
                htmlToPdfConverter.Document.Security.PermissionsPassword = htmlToPdfConverter.Document.Security.OpenPassword + "_admin";

            // convert HTML to PDF
            byte[] pdfBuffer = null;

            if (radioButtonConvertUrl.Checked)
                // convert URL to a PDF memory buffer
                string url = textBoxUrl.Text;

                pdfBuffer = htmlToPdfConverter.ConvertUrlToMemory(url);
                // convert HTML code
                string htmlCode = textBoxHtmlCode.Text;
                string baseUrl = textBoxBaseUrl.Text;

                // convert HTML code to a PDF memory buffer
                pdfBuffer = htmlToPdfConverter.ConvertHtmlToMemory(htmlCode, baseUrl);

            // inform the browser about the binary data format
            HttpContext.Current.Response.AddHeader("Content-Type", "application/pdf");

            // let the browser know how to open the PDF document, attachment or inline, and the file name
            HttpContext.Current.Response.AddHeader("Content-Disposition", String.Format("{0}; filename=HtmlToPdf.pdf; size={1}",
                checkBoxOpenInline.Checked ? "inline" : "attachment", pdfBuffer.Length.ToString()));

            // write the PDF buffer to HTTP response

            // call End() method of HTTP response to stop ASP.NET page processing

        private void SetHeader(PdfDocumentControl htmlToPdfDocument)
            // enable header display
            htmlToPdfDocument.Header.Enabled = checkBoxAddHeader.Checked;

            if (!htmlToPdfDocument.Header.Enabled)

            // set header height
            htmlToPdfDocument.Header.Height = 50;

            float pdfPageWidth = htmlToPdfDocument.PageOrientation == PdfPageOrientation.Portrait ?
                                        htmlToPdfDocument.PageSize.Width : htmlToPdfDocument.PageSize.Height;

            float headerWidth = pdfPageWidth - htmlToPdfDocument.Margins.Left - htmlToPdfDocument.Margins.Right;
            float headerHeight = htmlToPdfDocument.Header.Height;

            // set header background color
            htmlToPdfDocument.Header.BackgroundColor = PdfColor.WhiteSmoke;

            string headerImageFile = Server.MapPath("~") + @"\DemoFiles\Images\HiQPdfLogo.png";
            PdfImage logoHeaderImage = new PdfImage(5, 5, 40, headerImageFile);

            // layout HTML in header
            PdfHtml headerHtml = new PdfHtml(50, 5, @"<span style=""color:Navy; font-family:Times New Roman; font-style:italic"">
                            Quickly Create High Quality PDFs with </span><a href="""">HiQPdf</a>", null);
            headerHtml.FitDestHeight = true;
            headerHtml.FontEmbedding = checkBoxFontEmbedding.Checked;

            // create a border for header

            PdfRectangle borderRectangle = new PdfRectangle(1, 1, headerWidth - 2, headerHeight - 2);
            borderRectangle.LineStyle.LineWidth = 0.5f;
            borderRectangle.ForeColor = PdfColor.Navy;

        private void SetFooter(PdfDocumentControl htmlToPdfDocument)
            // enable footer display
            htmlToPdfDocument.Footer.Enabled = checkBoxAddFooter.Checked;

            if (!htmlToPdfDocument.Footer.Enabled)

            // set footer height
            htmlToPdfDocument.Footer.Height = 50;

            // set footer background color
            htmlToPdfDocument.Footer.BackgroundColor = PdfColor.WhiteSmoke;

            float pdfPageWidth = htmlToPdfDocument.PageOrientation == PdfPageOrientation.Portrait ?
                                        htmlToPdfDocument.PageSize.Width : htmlToPdfDocument.PageSize.Height;

            float footerWidth = pdfPageWidth - htmlToPdfDocument.Margins.Left - htmlToPdfDocument.Margins.Right;
            float footerHeight = htmlToPdfDocument.Footer.Height;

            // layout HTML in footer
            PdfHtml footerHtml = new PdfHtml(5, 5, @"<span style=""color:Navy; font-family:Times New Roman; font-style:italic"">
                            Quickly Create High Quality PDFs with </span><a href="""">HiQPdf</a>", null);
            footerHtml.FitDestHeight = true;
            footerHtml.FontEmbedding = checkBoxFontEmbedding.Checked;

            // add page numbering
            PdfFont pageNumberingFont = new PdfFont("Times New Roman", 8, true);
            PdfText pageNumberingText = new PdfText(5, footerHeight - 12, "Page {CrtPage} of {PageCount}", pageNumberingFont);
            pageNumberingText.HorizontalAlign = PdfTextHAlign.Center;
            pageNumberingText.EmbedSystemFont = true;
            pageNumberingText.ForeColor = PdfColor.DarkGreen;

            string footerImageFile = Server.MapPath("~") + @"\DemoFiles\Images\HiQPdfLogo.png";
            PdfImage logoFooterImage = new PdfImage(footerWidth - 40 - 5, 5, 40, footerImageFile);

            // create a border for footer
            PdfRectangle borderRectangle = new PdfRectangle(1, 1, footerWidth - 2, footerHeight - 2);
            borderRectangle.LineStyle.LineWidth = 0.5f;
            borderRectangle.ForeColor = PdfColor.DarkGreen;

        private PdfPageSize GetSelectedPageSize()
            switch (dropDownListPageSizes.SelectedValue)
                case "A0":
                    return PdfPageSize.A0;
                case "A1":
                    return PdfPageSize.A1;
                case "A10":
                    return PdfPageSize.A10;
                case "A2":
                    return PdfPageSize.A2;
                case "A3":
                    return PdfPageSize.A3;
                case "A4":
                    return PdfPageSize.A4;
                case "A5":
                    return PdfPageSize.A5;
                case "A6":
                    return PdfPageSize.A6;
                case "A7":
                    return PdfPageSize.A7;
                case "A8":
                    return PdfPageSize.A8;
                case "A9":
                    return PdfPageSize.A9;
                case "ArchA":
                    return PdfPageSize.ArchA;
                case "ArchB":
                    return PdfPageSize.ArchB;
                case "ArchC":
                    return PdfPageSize.ArchC;
                case "ArchD":
                    return PdfPageSize.ArchD;
                case "ArchE":
                    return PdfPageSize.ArchE;
                case "B0":
                    return PdfPageSize.B0;
                case "B1":
                    return PdfPageSize.B1;
                case "B2":
                    return PdfPageSize.B2;
                case "B3":
                    return PdfPageSize.B3;
                case "B4":
                    return PdfPageSize.B4;
                case "B5":
                    return PdfPageSize.B5;
                case "Flsa":
                    return PdfPageSize.Flsa;
                case "HalfLetter":
                    return PdfPageSize.HalfLetter;
                case "Ledger":
                    return PdfPageSize.Ledger;
                case "Legal":
                    return PdfPageSize.Legal;
                case "Letter":
                    return PdfPageSize.Letter;
                case "Letter11x17":
                    return PdfPageSize.Letter11x17;
                case "Note":
                    return PdfPageSize.Note;
                    return PdfPageSize.A4;

        private PdfPageOrientation GetSelectedPageOrientation()
            return (dropDownListPageOrientations.SelectedValue == "Portrait") ?
                PdfPageOrientation.Portrait : PdfPageOrientation.Landscape;

        protected void radioButtonConvertUrl_CheckedChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
            panelUrl.Visible = radioButtonConvertUrl.Checked;
            panelHtmlCode.Visible = !radioButtonConvertUrl.Checked;

        protected void radioButtonConvertHtmlCode_CheckedChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
            panelUrl.Visible = !radioButtonConvertHtmlCode.Checked;
            panelHtmlCode.Visible = radioButtonConvertHtmlCode.Checked;

        protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
            if (!IsPostBack)
                dropDownListPageSizes.SelectedValue = "A4";
                dropDownListPageOrientations.SelectedValue = "Portrait";

                dropDownListTriggeringMode.SelectedValue = "WaitTime";
                panelWaitTime.Visible = true;



        protected void dropDownListTriggeringMode_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
            panelWaitTime.Visible = dropDownListTriggeringMode.SelectedValue == "WaitTime";