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Introduction to HiQPdf

Quickly Create High Quality PDFs

HiQPdf is a software component that can be used in .NET applications to quickly create high quality PDF documents.

The component is built around the HTML to PDF converter engine which can render HTML content to PDF with very high accuracy. Besides the quick approach of generating a PDF document directly from a HTML document, the component can be used to create the PDF documents in a classic manner by laying out PDF objects like text, HTML, SVG, images and graphics to an empty document or it can be used in a combined mode to generate from HTML an initial PDF document on which to layout additional objects.

The component can also be used to edit PDF documents by adding PDF objects on top of the existing content, merge and split PDF documents, extract text and images from PDF documents, search text in PDF documents, rasterize PDF pages to images or convert PDF to HTML.

Who is this document addressed to?

This document is a reference material for the software developers using our component to create or edit PDF documents. It contains a detailed description of the software capabilities, code samples and a complete API reference.

Using HiQPdf software component does not require any knowledge of PDF format. The PDF objects are encapsulated in a high level representation, the API is simple and well structured.

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