We are committed to helping you have a pleasant and productive experience with our software. We believe we have a top class, high quality software product and we want to make sure you can fully benefit from its great potential.

The software license includes the Developer or Enterprise technical support for our customers and free technical support during the 30-days evaluation period. We also offer a set of resources you can use to get started with the software and to find a quick answer to your questions:
Online Documentation and Complete API Reference
The online documentation we offer on our website includes a detailed description with source code samples of the most important features of the software and a complete software API reference with comments for each class, method or property
Online Demo Applications
The online demo applications allows you to have a quick view and to see at work the most important features of the software. For example, in the online demo for HTML to PDF conversion you can enter an URL or a HTML code to convert to PDF
Download Samples with C# and VB.NET Source Code
The Zip package you can download from our website contains ASP.NET and Desktop samples with complete C# and VB.NET code. You can find ready to use code for the most important features of the software
Frequently Asked Technical and Purchase Questions
A quick way to find an answer to the technical and purchase questions is to check first the frequently asked questions page. It contains detailed answers to the questions most frequently asked by our customers over time
If you could not find an answer to your question in the above resources you can contact our technical and sales support departments. We offer 24x7 sales and technical support by email. If you are during the evaluation period of our software we offer you free support for 30 days. If you are a licensed customer during the maintenance period you'll receive an answer to your questions in the shortest time, based on your support package.

If you have a Developer Support package we guarantee a 48 hour response time. If you have an Enterprise Support package we guarantee a 24 hour response time. The Enterprise Support is the highest level of support we offer and, in addition to faster response time, it includes instant access to the development builds and to the hotfixes available between software public releases to help you resolve any issue in the shortest time.

Below you can find the email addresses where you can contact our technical and sales support departments directly:
Contact Technical Support Email Address: support@hiqpdf.com
Before contacting the support department with a technical question please make sure that the answer cannot be found in the FAQs, in the Online Documentation, in the Online Demo or in the demo applications we offer in the Software Package you can download from our website.
Contact Sales Support Email Address: sales@hiqpdf.com
The payments processing is performed by FastSpring who is a trusted reseller of our products. In general we'll be able to answer your sales questions directly but there might be cases when we'll have to ask you to contact FastSpring directly.
If you have any sales questions or technical questions about using the HiQPdf software or if you want to report a problem with our documentation or website please don't hesitate to contact us. We'll be glad to answer your questions as soon as possible.